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AFASource.Caps, the discovery of the 3rd Millennium!

The power of AFASource.Caps lies in the action of the more than 115 micronutrients contained in AFA. In just a few hours, the stimulation of the cells makes it work on:

Anna S. - Luxembourg

"I want to tell you about a miraculous medicine. I’ve been taking AFASource.Caps for 6 months now and I must confess, I’ve been absolutely bowled over by the spectacular way in which it has cured the acute type of anaemia I was suffering from.

As soon as I was able to travel, my first trip was to Lake Klamath in Oregon. I wanted to visit the place which was the source of this miracle. I feel in Olympic form and all my doctor’s tests are good. Congratulations on this discovery!"

Anna S. - Luxembourg

Ensure Healthy Organs With Stem Cell Increase For:

+ 35% : that’s the amount you’ll see your stem cells increase by with AFASource.Caps

In 2 hours, AFASource.Caps increases stem cell count by over 35%.

No side effects, there is no risk of exhausting your bone marrow stem as it has stores for billions of stem cells.

No contraindications, AFA- Source.Caps releases 3 million extra stem cells that attack the root cause of your condition or disease, eradicating both the cause and the effects. AFASource.Caps contains Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae, a unicellular micro-organism that is several thousands of years old that cannot be cultivated or produced chemically. It is absolutely not genetically modifiable. Scientists have discovered it is naturally composed of more than 115 microelements that act on the stem cells contained in the bone marrow.

No risk of rejection (as opposed to embryonic stem cells) because the cells are from your own body, with your own DNA. This means they can be used to treat serious illness. Chemoprotective, they increase the impact of the treatment by accelerating the healing process

The Miracle of Lake Klamath Blue-Green Algae

The Miracle of Lake Klamath Blue-Green Algae

In the US state of Oregon, at an altitude of 1,400 metres at the junction of three tectonic plates and far from any source of pollution, lies Lake Klamath. The pure, PH-neutral waters of this several million year old lake have lived through several purifying ice ages. Over time, organic debris has formed a 10 metre deep layer of sediment over the entire 250km floor of the lake. This sediment is rich in the minerals responsible for the phenomenal growth of the healing blue-green algae Aphanizomenon Flos-Aquae (AFA).



Now it’s your turn to discover something millions of Americans have discovered before you; and get back to FULL HEALTH by activating your stem cells!

Embryonic stem cells are the very source of life. The adult stem cells contained in the bone marrow underpin this life, maintaining the tissue, organs, bones, membranes, ligaments, tendons, muscles, etc. in good working order. Known as killer cells, they eradicate defective or malignant cells that could threaten your health.

After more than 20 years of Scientific and Clinical Studies, stem cells are not the work of science fiction. Every day specialists find new and specific ways of using them to cure those suffering from illness and disease.

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